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Bake Oven Coffee roasters

Artisan Coffee Roaster


We are a specialty coffee roasters, roasting in northwestern Lehigh County PA in a fully licensed and inspected roastery

Great coffee is about being selective with the coffee we choose, roasting to reveal the nuances in the coffee, and serving it fresh at its peak of flavor.


Proper preparation also plays a huge role in making the coffee experience the best that it can be and we would love to meet and talk to you about your coffee needs and desires

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Steven olock

Roastmaster and Owner

SCA trained Coffee Roaster and Barista.


Your coffee should be reason enough to get out of bed in the morning, and it should be the exclamation point and the end of a great meal. If your coffee doesn’t do that then you can do better and I would love to help you.


Have you ever had a phenomenal meal, where everything was spot on, the atmosphere was great, the service was top notch, and food superb, and the coffee at the end was just meh?


That was our experience too at so many places. So we took the time to learn.


What is good coffee, what does it take to make it better and where on the journey to great coffee do you need to improve?


We found that every step of our understanding of coffee needed attention, from bean selection, roasting finesse, water and coffee ratios, preparation and presentation. 

Sure there is what looks like a lot of steps but simple incremental changes started to make a bad cup good and eventually a good cup great.


We would love to talk coffee with you wherever you are on your coffee journey. 

We would love to help your restaurant, bakery or coffeeshop make better coffee. 

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The Crew

A Team You Can Rely On

Janet knows she wouldn’t get a fraction of the things done she wants to if it wasn’t for her awesome crew. Kara Margules heads up our sales department, helping us find new clients in need of copywriting services when she’s not hitting the sales herself. Marie St. Clair keeps our copywriters working while developing awesome new craft designs. Jason Andrews leads our exceptional IT support team when he’s not making a new batch of award-winning homebrewed ale.

The Write Stuff wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for our highly-skilled team of copywriters. Covering industries from accounting to zoo advertising, our amazing copywriters can cover any campaign for any business anywhere in the world.